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Key Reasons to Choose 401(k) Easy



Tremendous savings


Speed, ease — and guaranteed


Investment choice


Control over your 401k plan and its assets


Versatile plan design


An all-inclusive product

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Enjoy the freedom and investment flexibility of 401(k) EasyTremendous Savings...

Small and mid-sized businesses will save an average of 60% to 90% a year when they run their 401k plans using 401(k) Easy customized 401k software rather than paying a vendor to process their 401k data for them. That's a savings of thousands of dollars a year — and for only about 10 to 15 minutes a month of your time!


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Speed, Ease — and Guaranteed...

You will be able to run your company's 401k plan completely onsite in just 10 to 15 minutes a month on your company's PC as soon as you install your customized 401k software and input basic information about your employees. We guarantee it!


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Investment Choice...

Choose self-directed brokerage accounts and/or no-load mutual fund families for your 401k plan. An extensive array is available within each category. With 401(k) Easy, there are never pre-set, take-it-or-leave-it bundled 401k investment packages.


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401(k) Easy means you control your 401k plan's operation and administration. Your 401k plan participants will feel confident in knowing that their 401k deposits go directly from your company to your employees' personal 401k investment accounts. 401(k) Easy documents every transaction and prepares employee 401k account statements every month so plan participants can stay well apprised of their 401k transactions. Your 401k plan participants will also enjoy fast, reliable 401k service because it's yours to grant with a click of your mouse — including 401k compliance testing run every month (in seconds) to keep your 401k plan in the pink and everyone's retirement savings on track!


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Versatile Plan Design...

401(k) Easy works for new and existing 401k plans, for plans with hundreds of participants and those for small businesses with as few as one employee, for 401k plans with employer matching and/or profit-sharing contributions and 401k plans without, for 401k plans that allow for 401k loans and 401k plans that do not, for 401k plans that employ automatic enrollment and 401k plans that do not, for 401k plans set up with any of today's most popular eligibility requirements, with any of today's most popular vesting formulas, and more…. They all can be 401(k) Easy plans — and all that versatility is built within a completely IRS-approved 401k prototype plan with IRS-approved 401k plan options!


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An All-Inclusive Product...

401(k) Easy includes EVERYTHING a small business needs for a 401k plan, from the IRS-approved, professionally customized prototype plan and the client's choice of 401k investments to the professionally customized 401k software and companion materials that let you take care of your 401k plan administration in just 10 to 15 minutes a month.


But don't take our word for it. See for yourself...

-- Tour 401(k) Easy for an overview of running a 401k plan using our 401(k) Easy plan administration software.

-- Download a free copy of the 401(k) Easy 401k software for a test drive. See how easy 401k plan administration can be when you have software created by longtime 401k professionals and customized to your exact 401k plan.

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