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The 401k Software Demo

for 401(k) Easy run-it-yourself 401k plans



Download the 401k software demo -- it's free


About the 401(k) Easy free 401k administration software demo and its interactive 401k software tour


The software is built on years of professional 401k experience


Tour the 401(k) Easy system -- the software is only one component!

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401k software by 401(k) EasyDownload the 401k Software Demo -- It's Free

Click on "begin free download" for your FREE copy of the 401(k) Easy plan administration software demo (for information about the demo, see below).

-- A File Download screen will appear, telling you that you have chosen to download the file 401keasy.exe from the website www.401keasy.com.

-- It will ask you what you would like to do with the file: Run it from its current location or Save it to disk. YOU MUST SELECT THE OPTION "Save it to disk." It is not possible to run the 401(k) Easy demo program from its website location; you must save it to your hard drive (or other drive), then run it from there.

By default the file "401keasy.exe" will be saved to your hard drive. (If you would like to place it on a different drive, such as a SCSI drive, or within a folder in your hard drive, simply make the appropriate destination change when the Save To box pops up.)

-- Once the download is complete, you're ready to run the program as you would any other! Just double-click on the file "401keasy.exe" to automatically uncompress and launch the program!

Please note: The 401(k) Easy software demo is a very powerful program, replete with many automated 401k features and cross-referencing functions that work so seamlessly you never know they're there — all you know is you're done with your 401k processing in no time! The program is, therefore, rather a large file (16 MB). On a 56K modem, downloads can take 40 minutes or longer. An ISDN connection will deliver the download in about half the time. A Cable/DSL connection will cut the time to less than 10 minutes. Remember, you can always have us mail you a copy on CD-ROM, and the $35 fee is applicable toward your eventual purchase of 401(k) Easy.


401k Demo: early version

Downloading an older version of demo (23 MB) takes approximately 3 minutes via a high-speed Internet connection. To download an older demo, please click here...

401k Demo: current version

Downloading the newest version of the demo (65 MB) takes approximately 10 minutes via a high-speed Internet connection. To download this newer demo, please click here...

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About the 401(k) Easy Free 401k Plan Administration Software Demo and Its Interactive 401k Software Tour

Our 401k software brings all your 401k administration duties into one convenient, fully-integrated control center designed to make running your company's plan easy yet efficient. You can explore the software's functions and capabilities via the interactive tour contained in the demo program, or you can simply head off on your own within the user-friendly Windows interface.

Our 401k software demo is a nearly fully functioning 401k administration system that operates using fictitious data for a fictitious company. You can, among other things, …

-- Enter additional fictitious employee 401k participation information.

-- Have the software group employees by "divisions," which you can create.

-- Input participant investment choices and sample contribution information.

-- Process sample 401k contributions, 401k loans, and distributions.

-- Run sample month-end employee statements, ADP-compliance tests, and more. 

-- View sample employee 401k literature and materials that inform prospective participants about 401k plans and the general benefits of participation.

-- View sample 401k administration forms (plan enrollment, loan application, etc.). The forms gather information you need from your employees while explaining the subject matter to them — and since everything is stored within the 401(k) Easy software, you never have to keep stockpiles of forms around your office!

About the only thing not packaged within the 401k software demo that's part of the 401(k) Easy package is access to 401k FedForms, a website that helps our clients with their 401k-related federal reporting.

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The Plan Administration Software is Built on Years of Professional 401k Experience

Our 401(k) Easy software is created by Pension Systems Corporation, the industry pioneer in 401k plan administration software. The software is based on a system honed and perfected over more than 15 years for use by professional 401k administrators of full-service 401k plans.

With 401(k) Easy you get years of experience streamlined down to an efficient, effective 401k system designed specifically for small and medium-sized companies to run their 401k plans right from their desktop PCs.

Asset security, simplicity, speed and IRS compliance are the designing forces behind 401(k) Easy — and making sure the resulting 401k plans retain the flexibility and service clients and their employees desire.

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Tour the 401(k) Easy System — the Software Is Only One Component!

Our 401k plan administration software is only one component of 401(k) Easy.  In addition, you receive...

-- An IRS-approved prototype 401k plan that we work with you to customize to your company's needs.

-- Customized enrollment, participation and educational materials.

-- The 401k investments of your choosing. Both no-load mutual fund families and self-directed brokerage accounts are available. See our Investments section for specific listings.

-- Free access to our 401k FedForms website for help with 401k-related federal reporting.

--  An educational slide presentation (in convenient video format) to introduce 401k plans and their tremendous savings potential to your employees.

--  Free help — both with understanding 401(k) Easy plan and plan administration customization options and with running your 401k plan using 401(k) Easy.

-- A great User's Guide.

-- And more!

Tour 401(k) Easy for a quick look at how it all fits together and how easy 401k plan administration from your own PC can be!

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