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Features & Benefits

of 401(k) Easy run-it-yourself 401k plans



Significant savings — year after year


Flexible plan size and 401k options


Operational control


Asset control


EVERYTHING from one reliable source


ERISA 404c compliance features


Regulatory know-how


Free 401k technical support


Conversion to an outside administrated 401k plan is always an option

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401(k) Easy Means Significant Savings — Year After YearWatch your money grow with 401(k) Easy

You can easily save thousands of dollars — year after year — simply by processing your 401k contribution data from your own PC rather than sending the data off to an outside vendor. With 401(k) Easy, saving that money is easy!

-- Most small businesses spend less than 15 minutes a month running their 401k plans using our professionally customized 401k administration software.

-- 401(k) Easy includes EVERYTHING you need. There are no hidden fees or costs — for you or your employees.

-- 401(k) Easy costs as little as $695 a year, plus an additional first-year-only setup fee of $495. Annual pricing depends ONLY on plan size. All plan options, professional plan and software customization, plan conversions, 401k investments, IRS 401k reporting guidance, 401k literature for your employees, technical support and more are included. (view pricing chart)

-- You pay NO TRUSTEE FEES with 401(k) Easy because our 401k plans are IRS-approved as employer-trusteed.

-- Our 401k administration software is based on years of professional 401k experience and is updated every year in light of any relevant changes to 401k regulations. Our software is always IRS-savvy. Every year when you receive your updated version it's already professionally customized to your 401k plan's exact features.

Saving money by running your own 401k plan is great, but only if paying your own people to do the work doesn't eat up all those savings!

-- With 401(k) Easy you get years of professional 401k administration experience streamlined down to an efficient, effective 401k system that's easy to use and has been designed particularly for small and medium-sized businesses to run their own 401k plans.


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401(k) Easy Is Flexible Both in Terms of Plan Size and 401k Plan Options

401(k) Easy works for 401k plans with as few as a single participant, yet it's easily expandable to accept hundreds.

401(k) Easy is adaptable in terms of plan options, too. Our IRS-approved prototype 401k plan and 401k plan administration software allow for a host of 401k plan options — none of which add a single dime to the cost of your plan:

-- Launch your first 401k plan or have us convert your already-existing 401k plan for use with 401(k) Easy.

-- Include or exclude employer 401k matching contributions.

-- Include or exclude employer 401k profit sharing contributions (a.k.a., discretionary 401k contributions).

-- Include or exclude employer nondiscretionary 401k contributions.

-- Include or exclude 401k loans.

-- Include or exclude automatic 401k enrollment.

-- Choose from any of today's popular 401k participation eligibility requirements.

-- Choose from any of today's popular 401k vesting schedules for any employer contributions (matching and/or profit-sharing). You can even choose different vesting schedules for different types of employer contributions.

-- Choose from an immense array of potential 401k investments. No-load mutual fund families as well as self-directed brokerage accounts are available. (Visit this website's Investments section for more information and specific investment options listings.)

Want to offer 401k loans but no 401k matching contributions, or 401k matching contributions but with a stringent vesting formula? How about adjusting your plan options as your 401k plan and small business grow? Whatever you want (as long as it's OK with the IRS), 401(k) Easy can likely accommodate. You're never confined by cookie-cutter limitations like with some so-called "affordable" 401k plans.

-- We also provide FREE guidance with understanding and selecting your 401k plan options.

-- Once you've made your decisions, we hardwire your 401k plan administration software with your specifications and thereby automate numerous 401k administration duties for you.

In-house 401k plan administration via 401(k) Easy is truly, well, easy — especially for small businesses!


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Choose 401(k) Easy to Control Your 401k Plan's Operation

When you handle your own 401k plan administration, you control the service your 401k plan and its participants receive. You determine the turnaround times on your employees' requests — and set the administrative fees, if any, for fulfilling those requests. (The IRS says you can establish "reasonable" fees to cover certain 401k administrative expenses.)

-- Don't let your employees be herded into a constricting, one-plan-fits-all bundled 401k plan.

-- Don't let your plan be treated as less-important because it doesn't boast a large asset base.

-- Gain freedom from outside vendors' schedules and any parameters and limitations they impose on 401k plans to make operations easier for them — but not necessarily for you.

-- Make decisions based upon what's best for YOUR company and its 401k plan and 401k plan participants.

-- Gain freedom from overcharging, under-performing third-party administrators and 401k plan vendors.

With 401(k) Easy, you control almost everything the IRS normally leaves up to the plan vendors and/or the sponsoring company. For instance…

-- You choose your 401k plan investments. Offer almost any no-load mutual fund families and/or self-directed brokerage accounts (see Investments for specific listings).

-- You set the processing fees, if any, to charge plan participants taking out 401k loans, 401k hardship withdrawals, etc.

-- You decide how often to hold 401k open enrollment periods. (401(k) Easy makes 401k education and enrollment so easy that most clients choose to have perpetual open enrollment, meaning eligible employees can join at any time.)

-- You decide how often to send out participant 401k account statements. Aside from their obvious purpose in keeping plan participants informed about 401k account activity, the 401k statements are also good for motivating increased participation in the company 401k plan, especially when the statements are issued frequently. Because 401(k) Easy prepares the statements for you — even prepares mailing labels — it's easy to send them out every month. In most 401k plans, participants get quarterly statements at best.

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Choose 401(k) Easy for Optimal Security and Handling of Your 401k Plan Assets

With 401(k) Easy, 401k payroll deductions go DIRECTLY from your company to your plan participants' 401k investment accounts. No third party EVER touches a penny.

-- Elimination of third parties means your 401k assets are that much more secure from human error and fraud — both of which, unfortunately, are prevalent in today's retirement plans and have bankrupted many 401k accounts.

-- Elimination of third parties means 401k contributions reach their 401k investments more quickly. Even just a few days of additional investment time each month can compound over the years into substantial additional investment returns.

-- 401(k) Easy documents every transaction and provides both you and the investment house with simple yet complete instructions regarding every transaction.

-- 401(k) Easy provides your 401k plan participants with 401k account statements EVERY MONTH. The statements are completely independent of the investment statements plan participants receive from the investment house(s). The combination means your 401k plan participants can easily check for the accurate implementation of their 401k activity each month, and thus can catch any errors and/or miscommunications early on.

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Choose 401(k) Easy to Get Everything You Need from a Single Reliable Source

401(k) Easy is more than just 401k plan administration software. It's an integrated, all-inclusive package of 401k-related products and customization services that efficiently addresses all your 401k needs.

-- Our IRS-approved prototype 401k plan is extremely flexible. The array of plan customization options lets you design a 401k plan that's ideal for your business, whatever its size.

-- An immense array of no-load mutual fund families as well as self-directed brokerage accounts are available to accept your plan's 401k contributions.

-- Qualified 401k professionals are available to help you — free of charge — with understanding the 401k plan options open to you.

-- We hardwire your plan customization decisions into your 401k plan administration software.

-- Your 401k software lets you run your 401k plan from any desktop PC. The convenient Windows platform and degree of software customization means most businesses spend less than 15 minutes a month on 401k plan administration.

-- Your customized 401k software includes 401k enrollment, 401k participation and 401k employee education forms and materials.

-- You have free access to our 401k FedForms website (www.401kfedforms.com), which shows you each 401k-related federal reporting form (Summary Annual Report, 5500 series, 1099-R, and more) and tells you which are relevant to your particular plan plus where within your 401(k) Easy system you can find needed information.

-- You receive an educational slide presentation (in convenient video format) for educating your employees about 401k plans and their tremendous savings potential.

-- You receive a comprehensive yet easy-to-read User's Guide set that explains how to run a 401k plan using 401(k) Easy. The set includes a Quick Guide for getting started and handling all basic 401k operations via 401(k) Easy; the accompanying 401k Help CD-ROM provides background detail, definitions and comprehensive information.

-- You receive free technical support — should you even need it!

With 401(k) Easy, all you need to add are the participants!

[topic 6]

Choose 401(k) Easy for Easy 401k Plan ERISA 404 Compliance

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), along with the Internal Revenue Code, sets the legal framework within which all 401k plans must operate. In aiming to prevent asset mishandling by administrators, trustees and others, ERISA section 404c sets forth guidelines for 401k sponsors and others regarding educating employees about 401k plans and disclosing 401k plan and 401k investment information to them.

With 401(k) Easy, meeting ERISA 404c requirements is easy:

-- Your 401(k) Easy software permanently logs the output of every employee-related 401k form and communication run through the system.

-- Your 401k plan can offer an exceedingly wide array of mutual fund investment options and/or self-directed brokerage accounts.

-- 401(k) Easy gives your company the means and opportunity to give your 401k plan participants the freedom to change their 401k investments and/or contribution levels at any time.

-- 401(k) Easy gives your company general and plan-specific information about 401k plans that can be printed on an as-needed basis right from your 401k software.

-- 401(k) Easy means 401k investment and 401k investing information are always close at hand: General 401k investment information can be printed right from your 401k software, and specific per-investment information (prospectuses, performance histories, etc.) is readily available through the investment companies.

-- 401(k) Easy means 401k plan participants' 401k investments receive daily asset valuation, and plan participants receive 401k account statements every month — per-investment statements from the investment house(s) and overall 401k deferral and activity statements generated from your 401k software. Most investment houses also offer 24 hour a day, seven day a week access to account information and balances. Your 401k plan participants are always up-to-date on any changes in their 401k accounts with 401(k) Easy!

--  401(k) Easy enrollment materials include information about online retirement guidance and education services from industry leaders such as mPower and FinancialEngines. The services are purely optional to employees and of no cost to your company: Any employee choosing to use one of the services pays for it himself or herself, yet by making the introduction your company fulfills yet another ERISA 404c requirement.

-- The 401(k) Easy User's Guide tells you what information to distribute when and to whom, giving even the most novice 401k administrator an easy handle on employees 401k education and disclosure issues.

[topic 7]

Choose 401(k) Easy Because It Knows the 401k Rules and Regulations

401(k) Easy is IRS-savvy and built to stay that way. Many pertinent Internal Revenue Code regulations and guidelines are written into the 401(k) Easy plan administration software.

-- The software will warn you against accepting excess contributions to any employee's 401k account.

-- The software will run nondiscrimination tests on your 401k plan every month (in seconds), so you'll be aware of potential problems long before the official year-end tests.

-- The software is updated every year in light of any relevant regulatory changes (as well as technological advances). You'll receive updated 401k software each year — software that only works on 401k data relevant to the year for which it was written to ensure you never apply the wrong year's regulations to your 401k processing.

We keep abreast of federal 401k regulatory changes so you don't have to.

[topic 8]

Choose 401(k) Easy Knowing Technical Support is FREE

401(k) Easy tech support is free. Our 401k experts can help you with anything from technical, software-related issues to marketing your 401k plan to your employees and holding successful 401k enrollment meetings.

In addition to the free technical support, 401(k) Easy includes a great User's Guide that explains your 401k responsibilities and how to use the 401(k) Easy system to fulfill them — quickly yet efficiently.

[topic 9]

Conversion to an Outside Administrated 401k Plan Is Always an Option

With 401(k) Easy you're never locked into run-it-yourself 401k plan administration.

-- If at any time, for any reason you decide you'd prefer not to handle your 401k plan administration in-house any longer, we will provide whatever vendor you choose to take over your 401k plan administration with the necessary information about your company plan. We can even recommend a reputable 401k vendor or two whose full-service prices are reasonable (though no one is as affordable is as run-it-yourself 401(k) Easy plans).

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