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(logo)401k FedForms (www.401kfedforms.com)
Explains which federal reporting forms are relevant to your particular 401k plan and when each is due. Annotated versions of each form show where within your customized 401k software to find information. Includes ready-to-complete PDFs of two styles of Summary Plan Descriptions as well as help with completing Forms 1096, 1099-R, 5500-EZ, 5500, 5558 and 945, and Schedules I, P, and T. Also includes helpful calculation worksheets. A complimentary site for 401(k) Easy clients.

(logo)PlanSponsor.com (www.plansponsor.com)
A free website for plan sponsors. Departments include Breaking News, Problem-Solving, Vendor Ratings, Transactions (for dealing with vendors), Networking, and Links (to sponsor-relevant sites and access to Plan Sponsor magazine's article archives). Objective, independent information provided by plan sponsors for plan sponsors.

(logo)Technical Answer Group (www.tagdata.com)
A web-based resource for employee benefits professionals. Staffed by actuaries, attorneys, and consultants, TAG answers questions and performs research for its customers -- which include banks, insurance companies, third party administrators, and financial services firms.

(logo)Torrid Technologies Inc. (www.torrid-tech.com)
A leading provider of Internet and PC-based financial planning software, Torrid offers over 40 different planning tools that focus on issues of retirement, 401k plans, asset allocation, risk profiling and many more.


What is an ERISA bond
and why does your 401k need one?

(logo)Colonial Surety Company Direct (www.colonialsurety.com)
An insurance company exclusively providing ERISA fidelity bonds for both qualifying and non-qualifying plan assets up to $5,000,00; bonds available online for next day delivery; online calculator determines coverage; 5 year bonds with automatic growth endorsement that guarantees Dept. of Labor fidelity bond compliance.

Maloney and Associates Insurance Services (jmaloney@maloneybonds.com)
2434 Vineyard Avenue, Suite 101, Escondido, California 92029.


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the below service providers.

(logo)ClearFuture (www.morningstar.com/Cover/ClearFuture.html)
One of Forbes magazine's "Best of the Web." An independent site devoted to 401k plans. Includes exhaustive depth of information and explanations, including fees and regulatory issues as well as links to recommended 401k related sites.

(logo)Financial Engines (www.financialengine.com)
Advice on exactly how much to invest in which of your plan's 401k investments to improve your chances of reaching your retirement goals; daily tracking of those investments' performances and their effect on the client's account; ongoing advice about needed changes in the account due to current and projected investment performance and economic cycles; highly touted by the Los Angeles Times (8/5/99), San Francisco Chronicle (11/23/99), and The Wall Street Journal ((8/12/99), among others.

(logo)mPower (www.mpower.com)
One of Forbes Magazine's "Best of the Web." An independent site devoted to 401k plans. Includes exhaustive depth of information and explanations, including fees and regulatory issues, as well as links to recommended 401k-related sites.


(logo)PensionPlanet.com (www.pensionplanet.com)
Partnered with Dun & Bradstreet as their exclusive 401k, Pension and Health and Welfare software and data vendor. Maintains the largest database of Qualified Retirement Plans and Qualified Health and Welfare plans available. Most data updated monthly.

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(logo)Captools (www.captools.com)
Portfolio management software that's an investment record keeping, performance measurement and portfolio management reporting tool designed for professional money managers, sophisticated individual investors, and others entrusted with managing investment assets.




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Department of Labor (www.dol.gov)
Click on "Employers" then on "Retirement & Health Benefits" for 401k related and other relevant information.

Internal Revenue Service (www.irs.gov)
Click on "Businesses" and "Retirement Plans" for 401k related and other relevant information.

Securities and Exchange Commission (www.sec.gov)
The "Small Business" section as well as that dedicated to "Investor Information" can prove particularly helpful with your 401k related needs.

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